We all have them. Whether we recognize it or not, most of us have some kind of superstitious ritual that we do in hopes of getting some desired outcome. Professional baseball players are among the most superstitious: elaborate warm-up rituals, rally caps, and lucky socks (or underwear!!) I am not a professional baseball player, butContinue reading “Superstitions”

The Holey Pants

I’m a retired teacher, and part of my job as a teacher was good old parent-teacher conferences. It’s an opportunity to meet with the parents of the children in my class and discuss how things were going. These conferences were considered to be an important event, one where the dress code was a bit moreContinue reading “The Holey Pants”

Just two whiffs…

Just two whiffs, that’s all I needed before I knew what I was smelling. The smell that was so distinctive? Marijuana of course, there was no question about it. The question was where was it coming from, and how do I make it go away!? I did not want it to want to affect theContinue reading “Just two whiffs…”

Twig and Berries

I am not a gardener, have no skills at landscaping, and couldn’t name more than 5 plant species if my life depended on it. So with these lacking skills it’s no big surprise I ended up with a bush that resembles a male *ahem* organ. To top it off, this uniquely shaped bush is locatedContinue reading “Twig and Berries”


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