Man’s Best Friend: Barney and Arthur

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it’s gone into full blown mush-pie-mode! I am totally shocked by this transformation. I am referring to my husband morphing into a bonafided dog lover. I know this has much to do with the fact that we now have a puppy, or rather our son has a puppy (which I believe my husband sees as his dog as well) Previous to the arrival of Arthur, my husband was neutral about dogs, and even a bit disgusted when owners let their dogs bark incessantly. When our dog Arthur came into the picture, these feelings disappeared and he became a card carring member of the “Passionate Puppy Parents” pack.

Arthur, our mini goldendoodle, is quite the character and his craziness and puppy antics have delighted my husband. This delight has resulted in him taking short videos of just about everything this dog dogs. The funny part about this is that he takes videos of Arthur doing the same thing day after day. I hear him laughing at the dog as he video him once again. One of my husband’s favorite behavior to tape is when Arthur gets what we call the ‘zoomies’ . This is when Arthur gets a burst of energy out of the blue and begins racing around the house at warp speed. He zips around the furniture, leaps and I mean leaps, from chairs and can turn on a dime. Recently, Arthur has taken up throwing a sock or other object in the air and flying back in time to grab the item before it lands on the floor. It is a fun sight to watch, but to be safe you have to watch it sitting down because he is speedy and can throw you off balance unintentionally with his racing skills!

Arthur is always put in his kennel at night. Sometimes, he will even put himself in the kennel when he is really tired. We put a blanket over him so it is dark, quiet, and he doesn’t have to watch us. He never minds this covering, as a matter of fact I believe he likes having it down so the lights from the tv don’t bother him. That is what I believe, my husband, on the other hand, thinks Arthur gets lonely and wants to see us so he never covers it all the way.

About 2 weeks ago, Arthur became a man. He was neutered and as you know, this comes with the ‘wearing of the cone’. The one given by the vet, was a bit large and he looked ridiculous since it was black with bright blue. He looked like a spring flower in full bloom. Not only that, but because he could not see through it he was walking like someone who had had too much alcohol to drink. He ran into the wall and furniture several times. My husband felt Arthur was embarrassed to have this cone on, so he immediately went to the dog store and bought him a see through cone in a better size. As Arthur recovered his stitches became itchy and he was trying harder to relieve the itchy feeling. My husband was so upset for Arthur that he tried to relieve the itchy feeling by patting it and putting a fan on him. I do believe the dog gets better treatment than me at times!

My husband is a very reserved kind of guy. He does not show much emotion in public or much public affection. I think that is why when he asked Arthur to give him a kiss, I was so shocked. He actually hoped the dog would lick him- OMG! And not only is he asking for a ‘kiss’, he is talking to the dog in a high pitched voice. He loves to give Arthur treats too using this same sing-songy voice. Arthur gets a treat for going to the bathroom outside, coming in and for just being a ‘good boy’. Who is this man and what have you done with my husband?!

Arthur has been good for my husband’s health as well. He had never been one to want to walk around the path behind our backyard. He has always preferred to sit, people watch, and greet the neighbors as they walk by. However once Arthur arrived, he has been going on a morning walk and sometimes and evening walk. I am not sure who likes it more. My husband loves meeting people and having a brief chat with them, and Arthur loves to get out and exercise. When they make it home I am often treated to a story or tidbit on who he saw and what they said about Arthur.

I can’t say I hate the transformation with my husband, I just find it out of character for him. He has shown us a different side of himself- an affectionate side. I know I have said it before, but I am so glad to have Arthur as part of our family. He’s made a difference in not only my husband, but also for our family. Thanks, Arthur!

Published by Shelly

I worked as a special education teacher for over 40 years, raised six children who now raise families of their own. Married for over 40 years to the man who is both the cause of and solution to much of my craziness...

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