Follical Challenges

I consider myself follically challenged, meaning I have fine, thin hair. Unfortunately this applies only to the hair on my head. My face is a different story. I have many errant hairs popping out from my neck to my cheeks. I used to be able to control these with some expert tweezing. But then I had the curse of old age where your close up vision starts to diminish and seeing a single hair in the mirror becomes harder and harder. At this point I have to have my daughter tweeze my facial hair, a job she loves-not!! The problem with this method is getting her to come on a regular basis, throw in a pandemic to the mix and you can imagine how in need of some plucking my hairs are! The hair getting long, so long, in fact, that I am sure I could braid it. I would try to get rid of it, but I often can’t see it and only feel it. When I actually am able to grab ahold of it and yank it out, I am horrified at how long it was! It was a constant source of embarrassment to me.

About a month ago, I finally decided to do something about it. I started with the path of least resistance-hair removal cream. I followed the directions perfectly, put up with the foul smell of the cream and messiness of cream sitting on your face. Despite it all, no facial hair left my face. I even tried it twice just to be sure-same frustrating outcome.

I decided to step it up and try a pull off wax strip type product. While attempting this procedure, I found out that I was a wussy and could not do it. So I did the only thing I could think of, I called a beauty salon and asked if they did such a service. Lucky for me, they did and better yet they did not even think that I was weird for asking! It was just a little bit later that they would realize I was weird!

In my prior posts, I mentioned that when I am nervous, I get a little overly chatty. This chattiness isn’t just your plain own talking about pleasantries, it is blabbing on about the oddest topics, like having bedhead hair, having my thyroid out. If it’s odd, it pops into my head when I’m nervous. So while having my errant facial hair removed, I started my inane sputtering on in an odd conversation with my professional hair puller.

My topic this time was about waxing my son’s butt. He has 2 things that precipitated this conversation, 1. He has a pilonidal cyst (typically located on the base of your spine near your butt) and 2. You get these painful cysts from ingrown hairs, so one way to avoid getting this condition, is to remove the hair on the butt. In my babbling condition, I asked if this was something she did. Well I immediately could tell I had said something wrong. She seemed a bit repulsed by this question. I believe she was thinking it was maybe sexual in nature. I then became even more nervous and my chatting ramped up to a fever pitch. I was explaining why I asked about doing this, but it sounded so silly. I don’t know if I can ever go back to this lady. She will probably never want to have me as a customer again. I am sure she must of made some kind of note on my card like ‘Watch Out for This One!’. This is really too bad because she did an outstanding job removing my unwanted facial hair. However she did refer to me as having sideburns- really sideburns??? Hard to believe that my facial hair can grow to the point of having sideburns yet the hair on my head can’t even hold a curl. I am just doomed hairwise I guess.

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I worked as a special education teacher for over 40 years, raised six children who now raise families of their own. Married for over 40 years to the man who is both the cause of and solution to much of my craziness...

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