Pet Peeves

After waiting in line at the local grocery store for at least 5 minutes I was next in line to be served. The clerk asked who’s next and out of the blue some dressed to the hilt, obviously made of money female diva raises her hand and says, ‘It’s me honey thank you’. At that moment in life I understood rage. This budging (or as we called it butting) in line is one of my top ten pet peeves. Actually, I think I would put it at least in the top five even. I think it is rude and I wish I had the guts to speak up at the time, but being the non confrontational person I am, I never do. Instead I just give the person the stink eye and chalk one up to my pet peeve.

Pet peeves are a universal feeling and it is because of pet peeves that things can be changed. Just think of someone waiting in their car for the light to turn green while sitting in the right lane. No one is coming from the other way and it just seemed a waste to sit there. I am sure this was a big pet peeve of many of us, but now this has changed and we can turn right on red, IF there are no other cars coming. I will admit though that most of the time nothing changes and we just suffer through these irritations. Pet Peeves also give us a reason to complain. We are a society that loves to vocalize about the injustices done to them and often pet peeves are a vehicle for this situation.

I am no different, I can whip up a tyraid in no time. My downfall is I often let them happen and don’t speak up about it. This can be good and bad depending on which one of my pet peeves am I dealing with. What exactly are my pet peeves you ask. I have compiled a list of my top ten pet peeves.

My top 10 pet peeves are:

  1. When people pronounce the t in often. Really folks we don’t say lis-ten now do we, so why are we saying of-ten?
  2. Now that we have the right turn on red law, I hate when cars just breeze through the turn without stopping. The law should be called ‘Right turn on red AFTER you stop and check for oncoming cars’, not just ‘Right Turn on Red Light’.
  3. When a waitress or similar service provider say ‘ What will WE have/need/do?’. I know what I’m having, I didn’t know you were joining me though. Are we eating together?
  4. People letting their dogs bark non stop outside so we all get to hear the joys of the noise that dogs provide.
  5. Chewing with your mouth open- what are you a cow?!
  6. Now my next one is going to be pretty controversial I know but hear me out. I can’t stand it when bikers ride in the street wanting the same curtesy cars are given but don’t want to follow the same rules cars have to. Like zipping through a stop sign when cars have to stop. I appreciate people using bikes and I agree with all the benefits they provide, but you can’t have it both ways. Either you follow the rules a car has to when you chose to ride in the street, or you go on a path.
  7. Loss of using non text writing. I am over the alphabet soup we use to talk via phones (which is another source of contention). Our language is beautiful let’s not lose it.
  8. Plastic bags, both the zip kind because you can never zip them up and the type you use at the grocery store to put things in because you never can open them.
  9. Fast food places. They always seem to either forget something or do it wrong.
  10. People who take up 2 parking spots by parking at a diagonal so not to get their car damaged. Who died and made you King?!

I know I have many more pet peeves, but I am more interested in yours. Drop me a line in the comment section with what’s got your undies in a bunch

Published by Shelly

I worked as a special education teacher for over 40 years, raised six children who now raise families of their own. Married for over 40 years to the man who is both the cause of and solution to much of my craziness...

4 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Spot on. I’ve blogged “peeves” many times, most recently yesterday. Good write. Tip: for thin plastic produce bags that won’t open, find the asparagus or green onions – they’re usually wet. Run your finger along the edge of the bin to pick up a little moisture on your fingertips. That will allow your fingertips to snag the separate sides of the plastic and warp the edge so you can peel the bag open. (The bin, not the produce. Touch but what you intend to buy. And licking your fingertips circa COVID is not nice either.) Somewhere did a whole “grocery trip” rant. Might find it interesting. Or not.

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