The Best Kid Competion

I am not a competative person by nature. That is why I am surprised at my kids and their competativeness. They are seemingly always trying to one up each other. They truly love and care for each other, but they love to have fun trying to best each other a lot. To deal with this phenomina, they came up with a day, once a year, where they compete in a variety of activities based on a point system and whoever ends up with the most points is the ‘best’ kid. The winner holds the title for one year and can gloat for the same amount of time. They have named this event ‘The Best Kid Competition’ or BKC. The event is held right out back in our park. If friends or family learn we are doing the BKC, they eagerly await the results!

The winner’s crown

The BKC always involves one event that is a takes place before the games start. One year this event was to design and make a crest about themselves, one year was a tee shirt competition with the most original saying on it. They also had a photo contest where they had to take a selfie with a list of predetermined people/ items. My favorite photo from this one was when they had to take a selfie with a doctor and my daughter took her picture with the ‘rug doctor’, Another year, they did a parade with their decorated cars. The decorations had to be about the car/themselves. I am continually amazed by what my kids come up with. The crests were amazing and hard to judge because they all were great. For the parade, one child made her car into a sassy strawberry (lucky thing her car was red), one made it into a princess complete with a car size robe and crown and one made the bed of their truck a dance floor with lights and music. While the ‘official’ rules state that my husband and I chose the first place, second place and so on for this event, my husband just can’t do it. He gets so flustered at the thought of choosing one of his kids over another that he tends to disappear, and when the time comes for the order to be announced they either have to skip it or I have to do it myself. Again with us as parents it’s a continual wonder that our kids are this competitive.

Sassy strawberry and the princess car

Along with the week long event, there are some annual events that every year are must do. These include, Mother May I?, and the water balloon toss. The rest of the games are developed and decided on by each of the kids. There is a conscious effort to make sure that the events include not only physical games, but mental ones as well. This is to make sure someone with more athletic ability doesn’t have an edge. We kick off with the Mother May I game and you would think that this would be an easy peasy game, but it’s amazing how every year, a few forget to say the magic words and end up starting over. My kids are not above, let’s say, ‘creative playing’, One son is 6’4” and one of my daughters is 5’6′. When the game calls for taking giant steps, my tall son always outdoes the shorter daughter. Sometimes his giant steps alone can be the reason he crosses over the finish line first.

Mid-spin move for Mother May I
Water balloons

This tall son is pretty much the pernenial winner, but that does not stop my other 5 kids trying to come up with events that would be difficult for him. It never seems to work though, he adapts to the challenges, and outdoes them causing much moaning and groaning on their part. One year they had a tricycle race thinking his long legs could not pedal a small tricycle. Another year, they had an event where they had to carry a dime between their legs and drop it into a jar. The hope was that due to his height, he would not be able to get the dime in the container.

Coin in the cup challenge

When the day is done and the points are tabulated, the award ceremony begins. Everyone gets something, a button, a trophy, a ribbon, but the winner gets the grand prize of a crown complete with red velvet and gold trim. I swear the winner would do a victory lap if he/she/they weren’t so tired from the day long of competitions.

I wonder how long this event will go on. It’s been about 10 years so far. Hard to beleive they have kept it up for so long. I hope they continue to do so because it really is a fun tradition. One I am sure will be talked about for many years.

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