Like so many this past month, I have been watching the Olympics. Naturally when I saw all these athletes competing with apparent ease, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I could do that!” I had recently heard of a sport called “pickleball” whose popularity is on the rise, especially for older people. What could be betterContinue reading “Pickleball”

The Job

My daughter-in-law works as the general manager of fitness club. She does a fantastic job, and has a loyal group of employees. As confident as I am in her as a manager, there is one thing I never expected: that’d she offer ME a job at her gym! The job was not one that wouldContinue reading “The Job”

A Martha Stewart I Ain’t

Cooking: the way to a person’s heart, a love for some, a talent for many, and a chore for me. Yep, I am not known for my talents in the kitchen and that’s an understatement! I figure my talents lie more in buying premade or fast food. I can get an order of chow mein,Continue reading “A Martha Stewart I Ain’t”

Close Encouters of the Bat Kind

I have a laundry list of critters that cause me great fear. You see, I grew up in a city where I seldom came into contact with spiders let alone centipedes, chipmunks, rats/mice, or heaven help me-bats. My fear of bats comes with many levels. One is that being follicly-challenged they will somehow land inContinue reading “Close Encouters of the Bat Kind”

My Fall From Grace

The other day the gods got together and decided to play a dirty little trick on me. At least that is what it feel like to me. I had a magnificently noteworthy fall at my doorstep in the most opportune location for neighbors and passer byers to watch. It all started with the weather, myContinue reading “My Fall From Grace”

The New Addition

Two weeks ago we became caretakers of our son’s puppy. It’s a long story that I won’t go into, but it is suffice to say we watch this little guy during the day and most nights for the time being. After six kids and eleven grandkids, I can say this with some sense of authority:Continue reading “The New Addition”

The Holey Pants

I’m a retired teacher, and part of my job as a teacher was good old parent-teacher conferences. It’s an opportunity to meet with the parents of the children in my class and discuss how things were going. These conferences were considered to be an important event, one where the dress code was a bit moreContinue reading “The Holey Pants”

Twig and Berries

I am not a gardener, have no skills at landscaping, and couldn’t name more than 5 plant species if my life depended on it. So with these lacking skills it’s no big surprise I ended up with a bush that resembles a male *ahem* organ. To top it off, this uniquely shaped bush is locatedContinue reading “Twig and Berries”

Turbo Toilet

Having back pain is like a rite of passage once you’ve hit your forties. The type, intensity and frequency are unique to each individual. My back pain was located more in the lower region, it came and went randomly, but when my back hurt it really hurt, often causing me to seize up in painContinue reading “Turbo Toilet”