Like so many this past month, I have been watching the Olympics. Naturally when I saw all these athletes competing with apparent ease, I thought to myself, “Yeah, I could do that!” I had recently heard of a sport called “pickleball” whose popularity is on the rise, especially for older people. What could be betterContinue reading “Pickleball”

The Best Kid Competion

I am not a competative person by nature. That is why I am surprised at my kids and their competativeness. They are seemingly always trying to one up each other. They truly love and care for each other, but they love to have fun trying to best each other a lot. To deal with thisContinue reading “The Best Kid Competion”

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

One of the best features of my house is that we have a park both behind our house and another just across the street. This prime location provides plenty of opportunities to observe and interact with the people of our neighborhood. Many of our nearest neighbors I have known for many years. They are allContinue reading “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

Close Encouters of the Bat Kind

I have a laundry list of critters that cause me great fear. You see, I grew up in a city where I seldom came into contact with spiders let alone centipedes, chipmunks, rats/mice, or heaven help me-bats. My fear of bats comes with many levels. One is that being follicly-challenged they will somehow land inContinue reading “Close Encouters of the Bat Kind”


My mother was someone who admired the use of the precise English word. She was normally fun and easygoing, but took the spoken language very seriously. To her, the status of a person, no matter what their circumstances, could be elevated by using language that included not only correct grammar, but also proper vocabulary. GrowingContinue reading “Words,Words,Words”

Here I am stuck in the middle with you…

I am definitely a dog person,at least for the most part. There are a few dog behaviors that are not in my wheelhouse of likes, but overall I want a dog for a pet over a cat any day. So when we needed to take care of our son’s new puppy until he could findContinue reading “Here I am stuck in the middle with you…”